Months of Planning, and It Comes Down to This

Hello Interwebs. Some of you know me, some of you may not. The Name’s Sylus. For those of you that know me, you can skip this part, I’ll get back to you in a few….
Okay, now that those seedy guys are gone, let me tell you about myself. Sylus started out as a world of warcraft avatar. He was the second true “main” character I had ever used. He was, and still is,  my undead rogue. It was through this avatar that I met up with Fikkle in world of warcraft, and eventually started writing on the blog 4theHorde. Sylus is just one aspect of who I am, just one smallportion of who I am; not just in world of warcraft, but in my real life as well. I wanted to make this “blog” as an outlet for my creative side, a place I can write about anything, not just what I feel is relevant to my Horde followers at 4theHorde. If I want to write about a trip I took, done. If I want to write about an alliance alt, done. If I want to write about what kind of cereal Nimrock was eating when I went to his place the other day, done. You get the idea. So, you may get some world of warcraft writing, you may not, but from here on out, welcome to the Mind of Sy. Sit back, have a glass of Kungalush, and enjoy the ride.

…Oh yeah, I almost forgot about those of you that may know me, you guys, can go uh….get yourself a juice box and enjoy the ride!

Welcome Aboard,
~Uncle Sy

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