An Introduction of Sorts

So, sense most of you know me through my world of Warcraft ordeals, I thought that would be a great place to start telling you all about me. I’m going to take the next few minutes of your time telling you all about the characters I play in wow, and their “long term” goals. Lets start with the mains.


Gozz is one baaaaad man, er, orc. He’s been around from the beginning. He was the second toon I rolled, and ended up being the first toon I fell in love with. Hunters have always been a blast to play. Way back in my Star Wars Galaxies days, i played a creature handler. (back before the class cutbacks) The hunter n world of warcraft was the closest thing. Gozz was my first toon to 60, my first toon to 70, and my first toon to 80.  We go way back. He’s had a few pets over the years, but that’s a post for another time!


Sylus is the toon for whom my Internet persona is named. He’s the man with the daggers, the man with the poisons, the man you will never see coming until it’s too late. He’s an undead rogue. His wow career has seen him go through many ups and downs. From second in command in the guild whose name must not be spoken, to the leader of Day of Reckoning, and now as a founding member of Ashes of Tirisfal, Sy has seen alot. He follows his own path and sticks with the subtlety build, dispite what everyone else is using.

Tomorrow I’ll delve a bit deeper into the many toons I play, but for today that is all. Have a great day, and don’t forget, the spirit beast contest is still on going at 4theHorde. Have fun!

~Uncle Sy

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