The Suporting Cast

So, I’ve introduced you to my in game main characters, now I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the up and comers, the supporting cast if you will. First off we have Kohen.

wowscrnshot_042209_070631Kohen’s a bit of a prima donna. He is into fashion, expensive robes, the finest tabbards, and shiny enchants. For this reason, this priestly fellow is a tailor and an enchanter. His favorite pass times include making robes, disenchanting greens, making bags for EVERYONE, and sitting high above shattrath City on his flying carpet. One day he hopes to move to Dallaran, where he can sit high above on his flying carpet there.He’s spent most of his years healing groups and showing off how disciplined he is, but recently he has found he looks better in purple(shadowform).

Next up is a spoiled little rich orc known only as “Bg.”

wowscrnshot_042209_070935Bg is still very young, around his eleventh season, and is geared out to the gills for an orc of his stature. He has some great friends in high places who have taken it upon themselves to see to it that Bg never goes without. You can tell by his heirloom shoulders and double daggers with the agi enchants on them, and the rich boy’s Belf Bandit Mask he rocks as well. Bg is very spoiled, but knows how to handle himself. Recently there was a very low level night elf messing around in durotar with his newly acquired pet. ( he was lvl 11). Bg here was only in his sixth season at the time, but decided to do something about it. It was slow going, but the nelf hit the ground before Bg, and Bg got his first honor kill. woot woot.

Next up is Redux, banker turned merc.

wowscrnshot_042209_070746Redux. She’s a bit of a mystery as of late. This sultry red head use to pander around Orggrimar buying and selling some of the finest goods in all of Azeroth. Then one day she disappeared. Only recently she has been implicated in the deaths of several higher ranking Alliance officials, always leaving a single rose in the puncture wound in their back. They never saw her coming…

Then there is Kovari. The Jovial banker who’s getting up in years, and is becoming a little bit ” excentric” in his old age.

wowscrnshot_042209_070438Kovari has several friends that he deals with regularly. He invests gold and finds rare and valuable items for Gozz and Sylus all of the time. Even if he is a bit odd, no one messes with him, as he has friends in high places who still see a value in this quarkie troll.

So there you have it. The supporting cast. Don’t worry, this blog isn’t going to be all “RP,” but I wanted to give you all a flavor for the toons I play. Until next time folks, I’ll see you in Azeroth.

~Uncle Sy

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