Rogue PVP

I’ve recently hit 80 with Sy, and am having a blast….After a few changes of course! I went in deep subtlety…and got my butt handed to me over and over again… So, I did some research and went with a 41/5/25 Mute build. The damage I did was so dramatically different! Even in PVE! I use to be able to take out one target fast, but if I got more than one, I usually went with my get out of jail cards ie vanish, sprint, etc. Now I can take out several people fast! After re-glyphing everything became even easier! Now I’m one piece of hateful gladiator gear in, the full blue pvp set, and almost to my second piece of hateful, and am LOVING PVP!!!! It has become so much easier! Wintersgrasp is a blast now, AV is AMAZING, and I’m even enjoying wsg! Stinkin WSG!!! Thanks to all of the rogues that have thrown me a bone! I asked so many questions it wasn’t funny! Now I think I have a better grip on it, and am working towards getting that full set of hateful, necklace and all! Then off to the arenas! Anyone on Dawnbringer want to take on a nublet gaining gear rogue on a 2v2/3v3/ or 5v5 team??? Remember Humans/Nelfs/Dwars/Dranai/and Gnomes, when you’re flagged up, running around, this could be you!

So, Until next time, remember, I’m in your flag room, stealin your flagz!

4 thoughts on “Rogue PVP

  1. Sy … I think I’ve talked Fiak into transferring with me. Rogue, Mage, Priest is one of the top combos. We’re kinda new at it ourselves, but … Sy, Roz and Fiak could have a good ole time playing in the arena for sure.

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