My Brain is Fried

Okay, so I spent the weekend, and most of last week studying for all of my finals. As of last night, I hated life. I’ve taken three finals this morning, and I am now officially done. WOOOOO. If you’ve watched futurama, and remember the episode where Bender becomes human, eats too much food, and dies of a massive heart attack, you know that sound. If you spend any time with me on vent at all, you know that sound.

So, today, I’m headed home, where I will watch TV, play world of warcraft, and tonight, have a barbecue with my family to celebrate the end of the semester. Talk about AWESOMESAUCE. Now, I plan on working with my guildie Spiffie, doing some construction, or deconstruction, depending on the project, and chillaxing (chilling+relaxing) for a few weeks until my summer class starts. HORAY FREEDOM! Oh yeah, and D&D this Saturday. I missed last time, and feel horrible about it, especially when I found out the druid died…and it was a thieves den, I AM A ROGUE! I COULD HAVE COME IN HANDY WITH ALL THE TRAPS AND SUCH!!!  SKILL MONKAY FTW!


~Uncle Sy

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