Random Conversations From the Road

The contents of this post were heard in a van. Three guildies were driving fortyfive minutes from home to pick up their copies of Wrath of the Lich King on opening day, midnight. These have not been altered, but have been submitted here for your entertainment. Enjoy.

Nimrock exclaimed, “I am a Dig-Dug master!”
Sy replied, “What name are you putting in for high score?”
Nim blurted out excitedly, “A-S-S!”

“I hate it when movies give double meaning to everything in a kids movie, that otter stood up and his crotch was all blurred out, come on!”

“I’m fine with my Nasty Meat Sandwhich.”


“I’m getting attacked by birds, they’re kicking the crap out of me.”

Spiffie inquisitively askes, “what are you playing?” as Nim slammed away on the PSP.
Nimrock replies, “I don’t know…I’m playing this RPG, and I just got smoked.”

“I thought you farted,” spiffie exclaims in a horrified tone.
“I did, out my mouth,” Sylus replies, blowing the fowlest burp in the direction of the driver(Spiffie)

“You know I’ve played a few female toons…OI OI!!”

And finally, heard repeatedly before, during, and after the purchasing of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion:

“Weezin the Juuice.”-Nimrock


I hope you enjoyed that!


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