Its an All Dog Alert!

Cruella Devil is pure evil. I mean come on, she could at least use all parts of the dog if she wants the skins. Dog meat could be given to the chinese food restaurants. The bones as toothpicks…the list goes on. I’m watching 101 dalmations with the youngest Nephew, he’s a cutie, and a sweetheart. His newfound love of pudding is unmatched. This is totally random, but the old lady laid chick in this movie sounds just like Aunt B frm the Andy Griffith Show. “It’s an All Dog Alert!” That would be a good name for a blog post, in fact, that’s the name for this one. Random picture time.

So, what am I trying to say with this random really off post? Milk is good, and stay off the drugs.


3 thoughts on “Its an All Dog Alert!

  1. Are we to take from this odd post that you are somehow mixing milk and drugs then consuming them while Aunt Bea gives you a backrub?

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