The World of Sylus just got Bigger

Hello world. First off, let me just say how deeply sorry I am for leaving everyone hanging for what seemed like forever. I am still around, and I know you all get sick of hearing about how I never post, and then when I do come back it’s all, “I’m not leaving you !” Even if it feels liek I have. Life is good folks, life is good. I’ve been on a huge RPG kick as of late, and WOW is only one of  the games I’ve been playing.

First lets start with my Xbox 360.

I’ve pulled it out of retirement, and just in time too. I’ve been playing old school knights of the old republic 2 like it’s been going out of style.

I love that game. Secondly, Nimrock and I have just started playing thorugh Oblivion together.

We’re going with the fighter type to start with this time through. I played Morrowind for the origional Xbox for years. As a sidenote, the new wolverine game, AMAZING. Not an rpg, but it does have some rpg elements thrown in for good measure.

Next I have some saddening news. Pokemon Diamond for the Nintendo DS has been my mobile gaming passion for the past week. I had to go on a little trip to the east coast, and Nimrock has been trying to get me to play for a while now. I tried it….and loved it. How did I get hooked on stinking Pokemon?!? So, World of Sylus is going to get alot more colorful, crazy, post-y in the near future. I’m going to be kicking this blog up to the next level. If you think your blog is worthy of being in my blog roll, let me know why. I have been known to give out loot cards on the 4thehorde blog, who know’s I might start handing them out here for great suggestions that have eluded me thus far.

On another note, Gozz, my hunter on Dawnbringer has moved. I wanted to spend time with the origional Nimrock on EarthenRing, so I transfered him back there. Not that I’ve been playing any wow much latly, but he’s moved to his origional server. I’m not leaving dawnbringer high and dry, I have my 80 rogue, and a slew of other toons from 1-75 there as well. I’ll see you guys on the flip side.


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