I am so unready to be a dad!

Happy 4th of July internets! Today finds sylus visiting with family. We are eating a ton of barbequed food, blowing up a ton of stuff, and basically enjoying everyones company.

This morning I logged into my hunter, the new sylus, and went about doing the same quest I have done nearly every day sinse I was able too. It was time once again to go destroy the aboritions. There were only two other people out killing the blue chicks that drop the freezy-destroy the egg stuff. That was fun. I also wanted to say thanks to the flagged dwarf by the dragons. You are my favorite… Corpse. So I get back to the blue chicks, turn in my quest, and get my usual bag of goodies and gold. So I’m flying back to dalaran, open up my bags, sort through several days worth of crap I’ve looted, find the blue people goody bag, and right click. Mind you, I’m still flying. So out of the corner of my eye, as I’m not paying much attention, I see some purple writing. Wait… I already closed my bag….Open bag… Dig through bag… GLEE!!! Reins of the white polar bear!!!! After months of doing the same boring daily, it paid off!!!

Now, as some of you are wondering how any of this has anything to do with the title of the post, let me clear things up. It doesn’t yet.

So I was chasing around my nephew, who just celebrated his one year birthday. All of a sudden he stops running around and gets this really deep, concentrating look on hid face…he was pooping. I yelled at my brother in law and gave him the heads up. About that time I get a wiff of the ungodly odor eminating from that kiddo’s diaper… Come to find out they are switching him off of soy milk to regular formula… He was alergic to the real deal stuff at first, but grew out of it. Apparently when your body isn’t use to dairy… Your bowls hate you, and you put off the strongest smelling pooh ever. If this is what I have to look forward to in three months I’m in trouble! Please Lily, don’t be allergic to the real deal dairy!!!


3 thoughts on “I am so unready to be a dad!

  1. ha!

    grats on the bear…

    As for the poop… don’t worry… something about it being your own flesh and blood… there will only be the rare occasion you need to reach for a bucket while you clean up the mess…

    Same as spew… can’t stand it when a stranger spews near me… but flesh & blood…. no worries…

  2. I agree with gnome, do not worry, there is a genetic code in people that when you become a parent all things gros and nasty become common place and mundane when they come from your child. TRUST me, I was worried also, but when my daughter was about 30 minutes old she blew a poop bubble during her first diaper change in th hospital and after the initial shock my wife and I laughed our heads off. Gratz on the bear btw.

  3. hahaha…have to agree with Flank and Gnome. You’ll smell and see things you’ve never seen or smelt in your life..but on the bright side your little one will probably think your crazy
    “omg that is some foul stuff” faces are hilarious 🙂

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