The Three Server Shuffle

I want to start this post off with a question. How many servers do you guys play on? How do you manage play time on each server? Do you primarily choose one server, and then when time allows goof off on the other servers? This is something I’m trying to balance at the moment. Recently several old school real life buddies popped back into world of warcraft on my first server, earthenring. I of course wanted to roll with them some, so I transferred my lvl 80 hunter back with them. Awesome.




Gozz of Dawnbringer is now Sylus of Earthenring.

I didn’t feel bad leaving dawnbringer with Gozz/sylus, as I have an 80 Rogue and a death knight that is moving up the ladderpretty fast over there. I still have options to goof off with all of my dawnbringer people. I’ve got a ton of leveling gear on earthenring already. I have two sets of lvling shoulders and two of the heirloom daggers. I’m in the works to get another heirloom weapon or two, but they are more expensive than the others, so more marks=more time. Needless to say Gozz isn’t my only toon on that server now either,lol. I’m a true alt aholic.

I’ve also been wanting to try a dranai toon for some time. Yes, dirty alliance, I know. So, I have a Dranai death knight I’ve been tinkering with when I’m bored and have noone on either server, which isn’t very often. Not to mention all of my alliance toons on the pvp server, or as the wife likes to call them, the army of gnomes. Yes, I hvae a ton of gnomes on maelstrom. They need to get some level loving soon as well. This was mostly just some babbling, but I really would like to know how all of you do it. Drop me a line and fill me in! Thanks guys!

~Uncle Sy

4 thoughts on “The Three Server Shuffle

  1. omg….Gozz left us? For EARTHEN RING?? LMAO! Man, am I gonna have to start playing my DK over there again? Oh yeah, Fiaks is still over there and he plays alot too, so …. still, the irony. I transfer from ER to Dawnbringer and now people are transferring over to ER from Dawnbringer. xD

    If you wanna play Alliance you should come goof around on Winterhoof! I’ve coerced Pie, and Fiak, and Jaarka, and Grubs, as well as some people from other blogs to go over there. It’s good times.

    So there’s the answer to your question. Apparently I am playing on three…mostly two, but ….

  2. By my count, without the benefit of my character screen in front of me, I’m pretty sure I *actively* play on at least 6 servers:

    2 different servers with max level toons
    3 horde alt servers, 2 pvp, 1 RP
    3 alliance alt servers, 1 pvp, 2 RP

    Ok…make that *actively* play on at least 8 servers.

    Actively meaning I log in a minimum of once a week for at least a few hours. Sometimes I don’t do much more on Nim than dailies or an odd heroic. I’ve had to mass delete every alt below 20 several times.

  3. awww I didn’t know Gozz left us 😦 I guess I’ve been stuck with Dawnbringer. Most of my toons are on Malygos though(if you ever need ANOTHER server to play on my alliance mage and baby druid are there along with some rl friends..or my shaman, hunter and rogue horde side) and just Grubs and Aralyn on Dawnbringer. I think I’ve discovered I’m too much of a completist to be a true altoholic 😛

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