Outlands got Easy!

Has anyone leveled a toon through outlands in recent weeks? I’m just curious. It has become so easy! Leveling through Hellfire it’s nothing to get to level 62-63. Then if you did any in Zangermarsh you were easily 64-65 by the time you get to Nagrand. Hit any in terrokar you can get to nagrand at 67-68. Then getting to 70 is easily done in Outland before you rush off to Northrend.

So, I’ve found the wordpress ap on my iPhone. This has been great, I’ve been able to blog on the go. In fact, if you see a post, such as this one, with no picture, chances are I wrote it on the ol’ phone! They will usually be pretty short, but I hope they can carry some of the same “Sy flavor” as the full on sitting at my pc posts. Do any of you out there use a mobile device to blog? I’m just curious again… I stay pretty curious… Go figure.


3 thoughts on “Outlands got Easy!

  1. Leveling in outlands is not easy, yes. Almost scary easy. If you spend time in Hellfire you’ll probably realize you’re 62 or 63 before you leave there and then Zangar seems like a joke pushing you quickly into the mid-60s, pick up a few of the easy quests in Terrokar and maybe some dungeon if you’re lucky and then take on some in Nagrand or Blade’s Edge and you can be to 69 or 70 in no time. Or for those in a rush to Northrend, easily 68 without setting foot in nearly half of the Outland zones.

    It’s fast, and while this is great for alts, it’s almost sad too.

  2. Just a tip for the WP iPhone app…

    Save often… real often.

    Someone does something stupid like call you on your iphone = post lost.

    Make sure you are somewhere with stable 3g/net access before uploading… if you lose the connection for a second while uploading = post lost.

    I have lost so many posts…

    that said, I have successfully drafted and posted about 300 from the iphone now…

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