Boldrid and his Auctioneer Woe’s

As I’ve stated in a post or two over at 4theHorde, I’ve started an alliance toon on winterhoof in anticipation of WORGEN! I’m keeping it small scale over there, one real toon, and the dk who wil eventually get rerolled as a Worgen, and a few name holders. I’ll fill you in on those in a later post. I’m going to have an army of worgen. The disease will spread throughout the alliance!

So, I’ve been looking for  a way to get the cash flowing for ol’ pally boy. I readded the auctioneer suite….man is it overwhelming if you haven’t used it in a while! I may be dumping the suite andpicking up the auctioneer classic thing if it’s still available.


Anyway, if you want to roll with a lowbie pally, and hang with the Crits and Giggles gang, give me a shout, Boldrid is always looking for friends!


7 thoughts on “Boldrid and his Auctioneer Woe’s

  1. Auctioneer takes a week or so to get all the data it needs, plus regular scans.

    In addition, even though it looks like a lot, you’ll mostly be using the scan and posting functions for a long while.

    I am by no means an AH power user though.

  2. Yeah, as soon as I get the rig running right I’ll have some more time playing around with it. I’m not giving up on her just yet!

  3. Elgar has pretty mustache. Though, I realized all my characters do, except for Troutwort. I was looking at my character screen the other night and said to my roommate, why do all my dudes have weird facial hair? What was I thinking? She thinks I have some weird fetish with bizarre facial hair now. I most certainly do not. Though I’d be impressed if anyone could mimick the styles on my toons. Especially the catfish looking one for the NE druid.

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