The New Site and RL AH?

So, I’ve had a change of heart lately. If I’m wanting to post about all kinds of things on this blog, not just my horde happenings( I have 4theHorde for that) then I wanted to get a different vibe going for this blog. The red and black design I had before was great, I loved it. It looked like a 4theHorde knockoff to me though. I wanted it to look a little more “neutral.” I mean come on, this will be where I post about Boldrid and Worthington’s happenings, as well as my real life issues/breakdowns/craziness/baby stuff.(just poking a little fun at her) Yeah, baby stuff. If you have forgotten, baby comes really really soon for us. We’re getting excited, the room is getting closer to being done, and all the craziness is still in full swing around here.

I’ll soon be getting the wife a new computer, well as soon as our real life auction house starts paying off. Real life auction house? Admit it, you were wondering about it…it’s okay, wonder. My wife is a numbers genius. Well, actually, I think she’s in the right place at the right time, alot. Lets rewind this to the beginning. A little over a year ago, my wife found some vintage stamps at a garage sale. These said things like “silver dollar city,” “kiss the frog,” “Go Longhorns,” etc. Well, things like these:

Nothing fancy, but really vintage and cool. So she picked up a whopping 45ish stamps just like this, a huge boxful, for three dollars. Yes, three whole dollars. It set us back really. Then she has the brilliant idea to sell these wonderful stamps for get this, five dollars each. She sets them up on various sites around the interwebs, and low and behold, people start buying them up. One here, one there, never a huge mass quantity, but they are moving, an few per month. Then out of nowhere someone asks if she can buy a ton. This lady bought thirty, but sarah cut her a deal. Three dollars each. If you look back up a bit, she paid three dollars for THE ENTIRE BOX OF 45ISH!!! When all was said and done, the wife had cleared one hundred twenty five dollars. HOLY COW DUDE! MY WIFE IS A GENIUS!!! Due to her ub3rl33t real life auction skills she has a chunk towards her new laptop. Not just any laptop, but the apple she has always wanted.

Of course, being a girl, she wants the white one. I’m totally fine with that. I’m just making sure she spends a bit more for the better processor and memory. She wants to come back to wow, and this will allow it, even if it will be wow on a mac…. But hey, she’ll be back!!! She has a few other auction house goodies in the fire at the moment, but apparently I’m not suppose to divulge her trade secrets at the moment. This one is one of those “finite resources” deals.  But trust me, when it works, I’ll be bragging about it her as well! She cracks me up with how awesomely smart she is. I think the baby is helping her with these great ideas, and I’m about to have a super-genius-stock-trading-money-tycoon-baby! Well, I’d settle for a regular baby, but hey, that wouldn’t be too bad either!

~Uncle Sy

3 thoughts on “The New Site and RL AH?

  1. Ha!

    I’m trying to get my wife into the same business… the difference is that she will be selling the trash my Mum held onto for 80 odd years…

    She keeps throwing things in the bin… I keep pulling them back out.

    She looks at me weird…

    I point out that there are a lot of very strange people out there that will pay real money for other people’s trash

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