Faction Changes are LIVE!

Straight from the Blizzard Site comes this:(Yes, I copied and Pasted, Don’t Sue Me Blizzard, You’ll get no money, I’m broke!)

Character Faction Change

Welcome to the Faction Change page! This service lets you change a character’s faction from Alliance to Horde or from Horde to Alliance. A mandatory opposite-faction race change is part of the faction change process, and the full range of customization options offered by the Character Re-Customization service is included as well. Each faction change costs $30.00 USD.

Things to know before you start:

  • The faction change process is not immediate, and a character will not be available for play while a faction change is pending. Under normal conditions the process should take under an hour, but please allow up to several days for a faction change to complete.
  • During this process, you will select a new character race from the opposite-faction races that have the character’s class available. You cannot change a character’s class.
  • To see how character-specific information such as achievements, reputations, and items are affected by a faction change, refer to the Translation Table.
  • A realm transfer is not included in a faction change. However, the restriction on having members of both factions on a PvP realm has been lifted, so you can have characters of both factions on a single PvP realm.
  • A character can change factions once every 60 days.
  • Not every character will be eligible to undergo a faction change. If applicable, the reason a character is not eligible will be brought to your attention before payment is rendered. For example, faction changes may not be possible on certain realms or only one “direction” of faction changes may be allowed on a given realm.
  • Please refer to the Character Faction Change FAQ for answers to common questions about this service.
What does this mean from a players standpoint??? Well, first off, all of the hatred between the Horde and the Alliance, it’s gonna get worse… Some people out there will go balls to the wall anti-opposite faction! I think if anything else, just tell people you transferred, don’t tell em you came from the other faction! Not that this is going to be a huge problem for us at Ashes, we’re all over the place anyway! It’s hard to write for 4theHorde sometimes when all I can think about is playing my alliance alts!!! (put the bow down, I didn’t mean it Fik!) I’m really excited to see what happens among the wow Community. So many people are die hard horde, or die hard alliance. I see a big uproar at first, then a dying off as people get use to it. I mean come on, we all play the game for fun, if we want to experience end game with friends on the other side, so be it! Play the game, don’t let it play you!
What’s next, taking my lvl 80 Orc Hunter and changing him to a Nelf?!?!
My Undead Rogue into a Gnome?!? I Don’t think so…
Although, I am considering a faction/server change for my blood elf paladin. This would work out for me two fold, one I could free up a character slot on my Horde server, allowing for me to try out another of the new class/race combo’s coming with cataclysm, and two give me a higher level alliance toon that I could get heirloom gear with quicker…yeah, Errebus is going to go Dorf
Although, there are a few naysayers out there, one Shawn Basic had these things to say on Twitter(hope you don’t mind, I totally used your twitter spam against ya!!!
“I plan to be first in line to hang those lousy Alliance that transferred to Horde. We don’t want no stinkin’ night elves!” –Shawn
I love stirring the pot!

8 thoughts on “Faction Changes are LIVE!

  1. Today I logged in, and an undead rogue appeared in front of me, my screen went crazy with achievements. None were related, stuff like, finishing different zones etc. So, we will have tip offs when people around us come from the other faction…so if you want to avoid drama, transfer at a really early time, less people will know you did it!

    • I also have an extra priest and a hunter (go figure) that might transfer from Alliance to Horde…they are not Troutwort and Elgar. We’ll see though. I’ll have to save my pennies!

  2. bah you cheater! to be honest if I thought I wouldnt go back to any of my horde toons I’d probably do the faction change thing as well but I’ve started to make progress on my human paladin so I’ll stick with it….. the Alliance quests are a bit crap though

  3. I think I am too attached to my characters as they are…

    With the potential lull before the cataclysm, I think I would rather level a new one that burn an old one at the stake.

    Ohhh then there’s the RL cash issue, which would find my wife barbecuing my butt on a stake…

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