The New Line Up

Taking the time to reroll entirely on a new server is disheartening. Then, when you top it all off with switching factions, doubly-disheartening. However, I want to thank Blizzard for taking away a good chunk of that feeling. What am I talking about? Faction Transfers. Yes, the dreaded faction transfers. Many have come out die hard against these, but for me, it was just what I needed to want to stay in the game. Most of my Horde toons had hit end game, I have three 80’s, and those that hadn’t, I didn’t really want to play at the moment. I have no set times that I could guarantee guildies I could raid. In fact, several of us had similar things going as well. Fikkle’s been crazy with his new job, and switching time zones didn’t help him out any. Nimrock started his master’s program, so he’s had zero to none game time recently(this weekend excluded, this glorious weekend!) We had a few guildies leave, with no hard feelings from my part. I mean seriously, play how you want to play. If you want to raid, and we aren’t, GO!, RAID! Just remember the little people.

About a week ago I wrote a post about gathering up leveling gear and hitting the server/faction transfer for my paladin. It has been a great decision. My baby Pally on Winterhoof came to an end, as I wanted the name for my transfered pally. Errebus, Blood Elf Paladin was reborn Boldrid, Draenei Paladin. He had no plate leveling gear when he came over, but had a full set of rogue and hunter leveling gear, so he dawned the mail shoulders and chest piece and strode out into the wilds of outland. he was 65 when he got transfered over, and by the end of labor day, he was ready to stroll into Northrend. I want to thank Nomrock and Fikkle  for taking time out of their busy leveling schedule to come and tear down some quests while powering me and Pie to 68. Other than Pie showing up to the party naked, everything was great. Then he got a robe, and I thought we had a mage with us…anyway. 


Leveling gear is amazing. My baby hunter, Gozz(yes, I reuse names I love) is sitting at level 13 with just over three hours played time. Of course, he destroys things super fast with his heirloom bow/dagger/shoulders/chest piece. He even has most of his professions and secondary professions at 150, almost. Cooking and fishing I think are around 75 still, but when the servers come back up this afternoon, I’ll power through those too.


This brings me to my final toon worth mentioning on Winterhoof. He’s my banker. A level 58 death knight named Worthington. For being a dead guy, Worthington has a knack for money, and has found a few good schemes to keep his moneys rising on the new server. He’ll still be hanging onto all of his death knight gear in case I want to level him sometime soon. Well, thanks again for putting up with me, I guess I’ll go do some homework seeing as the servers are going to be down for the next…CRAP six hours….


Until then,
~uncle Sy

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