Epic Fail Wednesday…

Today started out a glorious morning. I’ve had what amounted to a five day weekend. yes, yes, I had Tuesday off as well. Well, mostly off, i had to work for three hours in the afternoon. It was a great fifth day off. The Office season five came out, and I’m already a disk into it. I love that show. If you don’t follow Rain Wilson, aka Dwight, on twitter, you should, he’s hilarious.

I woke up this morning feeling very well rested, as I should, and got around to leave before seven. It was pouring this morning, so I allowed a bit of extra time to get to class. I drove behind slow cars until about halfway through my trip. Then it happened. I’m coasting along, listening to whichever podcast was going in my ears, then out of nowhere spitter, sputter the car decides it wants to die. Now, get a good picture here. I’m on a state highway. It’s seven in the morning, and POURING outside. We’re not talking calming summer shower here, we’re talking all out thunder and lightning, India in Monsoon season pouring here!Something like this:

I coast off the road, going up a hill mind you. I try to start the car again. Nothing. So here I am. Sitting in car. On the side of the road. twenty minutes from anyone I know. That someone is my eight month pregnant wife, who is already at her school(she teaches). Great. Do I call her to come help me out, or do I call someone else who would be at minimum forty five minutes away….Crap. I guess I’m calling the wife. I believe the conversation went something like this…

Hey babe, whacha doin?

“Getting ready for the kiddo’s, get bored and decide to call?”

Yeah, something like that.

“What’s wrong? You’re acting strange?” (as if I ever act normal?)

Well, I’m sort of on the side of the road in Columbus, could you come get me?

“Seriously? I’ll talk to the principle and be there in a few minutes.”

Thanks babe….Love you?

“Yup, see you in a few.”

So yeah, I talk about feeling horrible!?! I just asked my eight month pregnant wife to come drive in the pouring down monsoon season rain to bail my butt out of this situation! And ya know what, she did it, cause she loves me! How awesome is she! So I barely made it to class in time for my second class of the day. I went in and talked with my instructor for the class I missed, explained the situation, and she laughed at me…

Now, it’s much later in the evening, the car is fixed, it’s sitting in the driveway, I’ve had time to unwind, write a few posts, and I’m able to look back on this morning and laugh…yay. Who fixed my car? Who else, Spiffie. He’s my car guru guy. It also happens to be his 41st birthday. You go dude! Thanks alot for the help, and happy birthday!

This post is brought to you by my POS Nissan. Thanks Nissan. (This is not my Nissan. This one is nicer…)
~A very wet Uncle Sylus

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