Alliance Battlegrounds

Little time playing world of warcraft has really hindered my alliance hunter leveling. Seriously, I’ve had Gozz, my dwarf hunter in the low teens for over two weeks. In fact, I hadn’t even logged into the game for nearly a week when I sat down last night to do a little leveling. First I logged over to Dawnbringer, after finding no one on vent, and no one was around. I chatted with a few people in my friends list. The usual “how ya doin, where ya been” type stuff. I went through my crazy life as of late, and decided I’d stick around on dawnbringer to do my wintersgrasp weekly quests. No dice. Over two hours until the next battle. Oh well, more time on the lowbie alliance toons. I logged over to Gozz on Winterhoof and start to go through my skills and such, seeing where I needed to catch things up. I’m leveling up all of my skills as I go. Yes, even fishing, sheesh. Fishing is brutal isn’t it?

So, I start talking with Nimrock, who’s leveling a priest with Rayha and the conversation quickly goes to battlegrounds. I’m almost level 18, and I want to get right in and see just how much experience I earn per loss and win. Unfortunately I know I’ll see a loss before a win, after all its warsong gulch! I get into the battleground, ad it feels a bit off kilter at first. I’ve never been here on an alliance character… It was a bit unnerving to tell the truth.

So the battle begins, and I come racing out of the gates…wait, I’m traveling south on my map…this is different. One of the first things I realize, there are a lot of low level players here from both sides. It was nothing to see 3-4 level 10 players in each battleground. They were cannon fodder. My hunter tore through them. I was two shotting clothies and taking down warriors and paladins quicker than I ever had. Then they found me, pair of tricked out level 19 undead rogues. They tore through me like I was warm butter. I of course got fed up with it, and decided to go hit level 19, level up my engineering to get the goggles, and spend way to much gold at the auction house gathering gear I’ll out level in a short few days. I didn’t care. I had been bitten by the battleground bug. I’m beginning to think it is very contagious, as many of the people I’ve been playing with lately have caught it. Nim, Fik, Roz, everyone is pee vee peeing!

(P1V1P1 Virus)

This is where all of the leveling gear pays off in a pinch. It took me less than an hour to level to 19, level my engineering to 115 (or whatever the magic number is to get the goggles) and spend roughly 50g on the auction house for decent gear and enchants/armor kits. Not bad. Time to go find those twinks and give them a run for their money!

Back in the Gulch I team up with a dwarf priest named Ihealyorbut, something like that. He was level 12 or some ridiculous level to be there, but he easily helped me run two flags back during the first game. It was a steamroller of an event. I had 48 kills, half as many killing blows, and I earned the perfection achievement for going 3-0 in the match. It was awesome, but no rogues to destroy…hmmm. At this point I decide I’m going to get to level 20 by doing nothing but battlegrounds. This way I’ll easily get my 30 wsg marks so when I can get an epic mount, I can already have a chunk of the black war cat’s marks. Yes, I’m not a fan of night elfs, but LOVE their mounts. I know I know. Hypocrite. You got me. I use to hate gnomes too, but they are now one of my favorite alliance races, right behind dwarfs and Dranei.

I ended the night with a 2-4 record and my first ten marks down. I’m also sitting well into level 19; easily a good half way through. I’m impressed with battleground leveling, and I foresee me spending my last few levels in every bracket barreling through some hordies. Wow. I have to say, it was awkward plowing through Orcs and cows…I mean Tauren. I can’t wait to get off work tonight to dive back in and do some damage again!

For the Hor…er, Alliance!
~Uncle Sy

3 thoughts on “Alliance Battlegrounds

  1. I’ve not bothered to do any battlegrounds on my alliance yet and Im level 46 at the minute. I’ll probably start doing them at level 60 once I hyave the majority of the best paladin ‘spells’

  2. Squidly has been going silly in BGs this weekend, after remembering their existence a week ago.

    I got 7 levels this weekend… 6.5 of them in BGs.

    Losses 1-5% of a level
    Wins 10-20% of a level

    Add in BG quests….

    Totally insane… finally got the Black Mechanostrider Gnomeaggedon always wanted…

    Definitely a better mount than the purple elephant… and I get to swap my goat legs for chicken legs…

    It looks like those comic outfits where people pretend to ride an ostrich… loving it

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