Random Power Outage Fail and Contest!!!!

Hey guys, I had an amazing post that was going to go up about now, but thanks to the wonderful power company, I don’t get to put it up. I had been working for about forty five minutes on a detailed post about what goes on in my free time, why Fikkle stalks me, and if I may say so, quite possibly my best post ever. Then the power went out…and I’m the nub who didn’t even save his work as he went. I fail. So, instead, I’ll be giving away something, let me take a look around….how about… an unscratched Slashdance card from the tcg? Yeah, that’ll work!


I’m giving away 1 Slashdance loot card to a random person that helps me get the word out about this blog. Give me three links in my comment section to places on the internet you mentioned, and linked, The World of Sylus Blog. Yes, Shameless. I am Shameless. Lets get the word out and get yourself a chance at winning this here loot card!


Have fun with it, and please please please, keep the sites clean, yeah, I’m talking to you fikkle!!! If I didn’t throw this disclaimer out  I’d never want to click on some of your links!!!

4 out of 5 random guys give this post a Thumbs Up!

Happy linking,
~Uncle Sy


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