Lily’s Baby Shower

I’ve had a ton of time to devote to blogging over the past few months. To tell you the truth, it’s been a blast. I’ve been away from my wow machine more and more with school work picking up, a baby on the way, and a crazy life to boot. I have however had a computer at work with internet capability. (barely at times, this thing is old and slow)(That’s what she said)

Balancing my wow play time with the amount I want to write has been difficult. At times I find I have nothing to write about in game, as I’ve had ZERO play time. That’s where this blog came in. I’ve been able to write about anything and everything. Here goes again. If you are looking for a great post about something wow related, look elsewhere kid’s. If you want to hear about our baby shower this morning for the little one(Baby Lily) on the way, stay tuned!

We had a great morning with a ton of people from our church. They threw us a baby shower, and let’s be honest, usually those are for the mom. All the women get together and give the mother awesome cheesy pink gifts wrapped in light pink bows and extravagant wrapping paper. Not at our church. We’re down to earth people who like to get together for most things. We have “family” showers. This is an excuse to get the father and a few men from the church to come out and celebrate with all of the ladies. They bribe us dad’s with the promise of cake, and the allure of Crunch Punch. Crunch Punch is a seductive one….

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been to one of these. I’ve always had the excuse of work or something trivial like that get in the way. (totally planned that way FYI) It was really fun. The two ladies that put the shower together have worked with my wife and I with the high school you group for a few years now, and know us well. Over the summer we took a group of high schoolers to church camp. The camp isn’t really a camp, more like a conference. (Christ In Youth Conference) We all stay in dorm rooms and attend sessions and scheduled events, less like a “go play outside now kids” church camp. Anyway, during the beginning of the evening sessions they would play a short video segment called the Toy Box Gang. It’s really goofy, mostly stupid, and to be honest if you don’t hang out with high school kids and laugh at really really stupid things you probably won’t get it, or care about them, but they are HILARIOUS!( I run around with high schoolers at least once a week, and laugh at stupid stuff) Here’s the stupidest video they do, if you can handle this, you can handle them all!

Our shower was themed after the Toy Box Gang. IT WAS AWESOME! Here was their version of The Toybox Gang:toyboxgang

Maid Sugar(the doll), Darren(the monkey) Lewis(the mythological Unicorn) Theodore(the teddy bear) and the frog…I forget his name… It was great. The people I go to church with are genuine awesome people. They totally care about us as a family, and are continuing to pray for a quick easy delivery with a healthy baby and mommy on the other side!

Thank you for everything guys. Most likely none of you will ever read this, as many of you have no clue I write this site, but I want you all to know I love you all, and thank you for everything, least of all is the “stuff” you gave us. Your friendships, prayers, and thoughts are worth so much more than any of it.

~Uncle Sy

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    • HAHA, nice! Grats on 80, if you need anything, want an extra dps for anything, look me up, I’ll be around on Dawnbringer, the new bg hunter’s named Gozjin, or I’ll be on one of the toons in AOT!

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