Gozz 2.0

In years past, when I was referring to “Gozz,” I was always refering to my main toon in world of warcraft. He’s been the big and mean, rough and tough Orc hunter with an aditude. I’ve put in over 75 days worth of played time on him in the 4+ years I’ve been playing wow. However, now when I refer to Gozz, i could be referring to another toon, One that might not even be of the same faction as my Horde loving orc friend. I could be referring to my, wait for it…. let the suspense build….DWARF HUNTER. Yes, I named my dwarf hunter the same thing I was able to name my main. There’s something about the name Gozz that just makes me think “hunter.”

Now, I know I know, dirty alliance. The truth be known, I’ve met several really nice people on teh “dirty alliance” side of the argument. Yes, I was hugly uneasy about the battlegrounds at first, mostly because of the disorienting effect they have when you are so use to running them from the other side., but it’s been a blast. I’m pretty sure that it’s due to the leveling capability of the battlegrounds now. I have ran into more low twenties players in a single battleground then I have in my entire career as a hordie. No kidding. I counted 8 players on my team below level 24 the other night, and we won! Some of these games are like turkey shoots. I walk to a node, destroy 3-4 players, cap the node, and destroy those who would try to take it from me. Seriously. I’m not trying to sit here and say I’m an uber pvper. I know I have limits, and I know I’m not that good, for real. I am having a blast though. Look at these numbers. I was  level 27 when this battleground took place(I know I was, I wrote it down on this little yellow sticky pad on my desk. It says, BG screen shot-lvl 27, uber leet). Yes, I was excited when I wrote that lsat part.


Lets analyze this for a minute. thirty three killing blows. THIRTY THREE. I had 70 honor kills. ALMOST HALF OF MY KILLS WERE FINISHED OFF BY ME! I died seven times, understandable, a 10:1 kills to death ratio isn’t bad I guess. I did 37,000 damage. Not bad, considering I’m lvl 27. Even better when you look at the next closest damage dealer at 20,000.  This is pretty consistent of what I’ve seen in battlegrounds. If you know what you are doing, coming in during your upper levels(15-19 for teens bracket, 25-29 in teh twenties) and have decent, not twink, decent gear, then you will do relatively well. Besides,

In other news, I broke 1000 honor kills last night. Yes, thank you, thank you. I really wasn’t expecting it, but was excited to see I had reached that high already. In fact, one of teh guild members in Crits and Giggles asked after I got the achievement how I had gotten 1000 honor kills at level 27. Obviously it’s all of these battlegrounds I’m throwing myself into! I had 70 in this match alone!

Now, something I’m realizing while questing, yeah, I’m still doing a little bit of that too, is that some of the alliance quests are awesome. One for exsample takes you through all of these steps to be able to talk to a furbolg, in furbolg disguise. THERE IS NO WAY I’M TURNING THIS ROD IN! I CAN BE A FURBOLG ANYTIME I SEE FIT!!! It’s become my fishing costume! Here’s a good one of me, decked out in Furbolg form fishing it up in Stormforge…Ironwind? meh, I’ll look it up later!


But lets face it, even when I’m not rocking the fur, Gozz looks pretty good for a dwarf!


Here we see ol Gozz 2.0 sporting the bright Orange twin braided beard(how redneck can he get?) the ponytail, along with the heirloom bow and dagger, shoulders and chestpiece.  Now, I know you are thinking to yourself, how the heck is he holding his bow and dagger? I wondered the same thing. I was running up midfield in WSG, switching between the weapons to get a good screenshot, and then he didn’t put the dagger away to pull out the bow…I couldn’t get it to do it again, but I got a sweet screen shot when it happened!

Now. with brewfest almost over(we’re in the last week)It will be time to get back to this guy almost full time. Because Brewfest has been around I’ve been on Gozz 1.0 doing the dailies to finish out my Brewmaster title. I was pretty lazy last year on the holiday quests, and I really want to get the violet proto drake for Gozzy, as he collects the mounts. I’ve completed maybe three  of the holidays to 100%…and I few I didn’t even bother with…failgozz. Enough about him, I’ll talk about his exploits in detail on 4thehorde soon enough. This guy, Gozz 2.0 is going to continue to rack up the kill count in battlegrounds as he makes his way to 80. I want to continue to use the battleground for a few levels each bracket, and chances are, at lesat 5 lvls. When I get to Northrend however, I will start doing certian dailies and zones to get my faction up with them. For instnace, Sons of Hodir for the shoulder chants, Ebon death knight dudes in ice crown for the head enchant, and Wormrest accord for the mount…I know I know, the mount will match the dwarfs hair though! For now though, I’ll just keep working towards that battlecat at lvl 51!


7 thoughts on “Gozz 2.0

  1. Holy cow! I knew you were awesome, but dayum!!

    Get to your 40’s and I’ll play some BGs with you. I think Sanbec is going to try it out. He won’t get the kills you do, but I’ve heard prot warriors can really annoy the other team.

  2. Come try, I don’t need a pocket healer to pwn, healers flock to me like the salmon of Capistrano! Orrrrr, you could get some toons in my lvl and bg WITH me!, I guess I’ll hit upper 50’s soom enough, then your dk’s and me can tear it up, but first, 40’s with Rozzy!
    ~Uncle Sy

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