The Waiting Game…

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been a bad blogger! With 4theHorde at least if I’m a bad blogger, there are a few other guys to pick up the slack, but here I’m floundering on my own!

My wife is still pregnant, as opposed to not pregnant, and having a baby and all. Our official due date is Monday, but doc said he was 90% sure we would have her this week… it’s saturday… now, is he going with a traditional sunday to saturday week? or maybe a new age funky monday to sunday week? We met with him on Wednesday…so was he meaning wednesday to wednesday? OI. Well, I’m guessing not the wed to wed thing, as if the kiddo isn’t here by wednesday(her next appointment) he is going to induce. SCARY.

In other news, I’ve been busy with school work, busting out some serious work, and then stressing over baby stuff as well. Good Times. That’s where life is at for now folks. Tonight brings pizza and a movie with the wife. We’ve been trying everything, chinese food, mexican food, alot of walking, driving down bouncy gravel roads, we’re about ready to try a trampoline!!! Anything we can to get little Lily here safe and sound! Don’t worry internet, you will know when Uncle Sy, becomes Papa Sy….

~Uncle….er, soon to be, Papa Sy

5 thoughts on “The Waiting Game…

  1. When my wife was heavily pregnant with my son Odin, we went for the last check up, one a week before the due date.

    The nurse said everything was fine and to come and see her in a couple of weeks.

    My wife was sure that he was coming any day, but the nurse insisted it wouldn’t be for another couple of weeks.

    My wife drove home (she was learning to drive), we dropped by the local Indian shop for dinner (She is Indian), the contractions started a few hours later, Odin was born the next day.

    Just don’t do what I did…
    1) Make sure the car & the house is set up now… sure you can put the car seat in the car when they are ready to come home… but you will be frazzled enough then.
    2) When you wife says “I think the baby is coming”, don’t stop to shower, shave, iron a shirt etc… I have never been forgiven for shaving that morning.

  2. 🙂 must be exciting as well as scary, fingers are crossed for you dude. Also get the missus to try a jar of jalapeno’s that seems to work with everyone else I know.

  3. I’m so excited for you.. and can’t wait for the “screenies”…

    But there are more important things… HHM’s mount… errr no… that’s not it…

    Grab a video camera, and grab a few 30 seconds snippets of Lily asleep.. and when she is awake and “playing”.

    It’s amazing how much you will treasure those very early moments later

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