The Epic Drop That Went the Other Way!

Yeah, so this site was suppose to be my “real life” other stuff other than the Horde blog. Well, I sort of posted my real life news over there this time. It wasn’t my fault really. Lets blame Pie and Fikkle, yeah. Those guys are bad news! They are all over the place influencing me to go ahead and post about everything over there…

Okay, now I’m just spreading slander and lies. Slander and Lies I tell you. I did it for selfish reasons. See, this is the deal. I get like what 40ish hits here on a good day. 4theHorde gets 150+ on slow days. I love my new little girl, she’s a cutie. I wanted to tell the world about her! Now, let’s be honest. Which is quicker, telling 40 people a day, or telling 150 people per day? Hmmmm, I may be no Nimrock when it comes to the mathifications, but I do know that 150>40. Basics my good man, basics.

So yeah, I wanted to take a quick minute to divert you all over to the article at 4theHorde. I wrote up a big post about the delivery of the little one as seen from a gamer’s point of view. Not just any gamer, a wow gamer. I hope you all enjoy it, I know I had fun writing it. So yeah, teh Epic drop went that way and landed on 4theHorde, not here. Sorry for the 2 people who may read this one, and not that one, you guys are awesome…wait…I’m guessing there are no people who read this one, and not that one…just a guess.

Now, just a quick heads up. I’m about to open up another venue for me to unload my creative juices upon the internet. Yes, that’s right, MORE SYLUS! Have you ever wondered what your avatar would look like drawn up AMAZINGLY? Well, lets just say you might not have to wait much longer. I’ve already said too much, and my sponsors are going to kill me if I say any more…wait…we have sponsors? Well, if the wife counts as a sponsor for donating my time…then I have a sponsor!

~Uncle Sy

2 thoughts on “The Epic Drop That Went the Other Way!

  1. 1. I don’t think the internets are ready for your creative juices… Just sayin…

    2. No. 2 of 40 readers approves as well… I guess that means seconded.

    3. A little green-haired fire mage is like WIN WIN… How’s that for mathefications?

    4. /ducks… I’m aboot to be grammarhammered!

    Stay hordecore


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