The Artist in Me is Out Again!

Sylus is doing custom toons for customers… Okay, so I’ve been hesitant to do this for a few reasons.

1. I hate deadlines.
2. I hate rejection.

See, deadlines on my hobbies turn them into not-hobbies. (yes, not-hobbies is in my dictionary.) I’ve loved to draw pretty much forever. Now my wife gets these amazing markers (copic) and I’m off to the races. I’ve had the pleasure of drawing some guildies up to this point, and now I’m ready to see if I can make a bit of pocket change out of the deal! 

You read that right. I’m selling hand drawn pictures of your world of warcraft toons! What better way to immortalize your favorite characters?(that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, I love you figure prints, I swear I do!) I’ve got a few images up at the moment, and I’ve even started an Etsy shop. My wife over at LadyGil got me started, and I have some for sale there as well.


blue man

For $20 dollars you will get a full color Custom Hand drawn and inked head/bust portrait done on 8-1/ class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=””>2in x 11in acid free card stock.
($10 dollars for just black and white pen and ink)


For $25 dollars you get a black and white stylized armor set of your choice. If you have the screenshot, you can pretty much get any armorset. (35 for color armor set)
(armorset includes shoulders helmet, and horde/alliance symbol)


Now, for $35 dollars I can give you a full color toon pic. I’ll keep these interesting for sure! This image is of Nimrock’s dwarf hunter, who smokes and drinks too much. You will notice I left off the legs and feet, they were boring. If the screenshot I get is interesting, say a kneeling pose or something of the sort, then they get the full treatment! I’ll make them look as good as I can.

Now, if you are interested go check out my etsy shop and convo me there, or leave a comment here. I accept paypal at the moment, but could be talked into other forms of payment as well!

Remember guys, these are custom, if you want it, I can do it. Prices may vary if you want multiple things. (for instance a mounted toon, group shot, etc)

Lets hope this goes somewhere!
~Uncle Sy


6 thoughts on “The Artist in Me is Out Again!

  1. Gnomeaggeden promised to get tortured if we drove visitors here; so I’m here as a vote for a short vid produced by Gnomer where he is subjecated by the nasty “secrets..” guy in Scarlet Mon.

    Machinima meets Gnome. He gets a pic, we get a vid.

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