Blog Bling!

Hey guys, I started drawing toons for people about a week back, and have had a blast setting up an etsy shop, working on some promo material(ya know, pimping my talent) and being super busy doing real life stuff. Now, I did end up selling my murloc Marine pet to pay for the markers to get going on this endeavour. (I had some, but just the basics)

Yes, I parted ways with my murloc space marine pet. It’s okay though, he’s a little annoying in my opinion. Some guy out there on the webs and wide open spaces of Ebay liked it so much, he paid me 80 bucks for it, woot! That bought me 20 or so markers. Woot. Copic markers guys, they are awesome.

Now, in doing some of my promo work to get the word out, I drew a TREE OF DOOM for Saresa over at Tree of Doom, and Destructive Reach. It’s a great place to have something featured, as she seems to get some serious traffic. Much more serious than I get here. I have to get the word out right? Right? I mean come on, I want to sell some art work here! Justify all of this hulabalu!

I have had a few questions, but no one seriously jumping at me yet. I’ll give it time, and I mean seriously, as long as I am having fun with it, it’s totally worth it to me! So go ahead, check out some of my work in previous posts, check out my work at Etsy, and if you see something you like, let me know. Who know’s maybe I’ll end up drawing something for you one day!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a contest on 4theHorde, I’ll be giving away a custom headshot of your favorite toon within the week! Details coming soon!



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