World of WORKcraft

OI! This week has been looooong. I’ve been getting little to no sleep, working a bit extra, and to top it all off my school workload the past two weeks has been HORENDOUS! I’ve spent way to many hours trudging through research for two key projects for the semester that came due this week.

This has left Sy a dull and worn out guy. Oh yeah, also the little one is two weeks old, and likes late nights more than her father. Of this I am sure! She really likes early mornings as well. I can’t complain about this though, as this morning was the only time I’ve played WOW all week!

I’m hoping to remedy this whole “no wow” problem this weekend. I do however want to give ladygil a bit of a break if I can. She’s been doing the overnight feedings as I have to drive to and from classes way to early in the morning( I leave about 6:20 and am use to not leaving the house until around 9ish). It’s working out, and I’m almost done. I found out where I will be doing my student teaching this week, so I see the light at the end of this very long tunnel! It’s out there, oh yes, I can see it… you see it don’t you? yeah, right there, that pinprick way out there…that sort of glowy spot? Well, who cares if you see it or not, it’s there!

Remember to get your comments in over at 4theHorde before saturday, I’ll be drawing someones character sketch this weekend, and it could be yours!(Gnome would be really mad if it isn’t his though!) Who know’s, maybe I have a surprise in store for our pint-sized little friend… Anyway, have a great week guys, and I’ll catch up with you on the other end of this contest. I don’t forsee a post for me tomorrow, so you guys can go back and reread this one. Seriously, go back in your feed readers and mark this post unread…go ahead, I’ll wait…you done yet? good. So, see you tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “World of WORKcraft

  1. While you were burning down Org, we were in your bases, eating your babies… So…. Even?

    /hands Thrall insurance info…

    Don’t worry, dawg, we’re covered for fire… Oh, but that flood you called in to put out the flames…. Ya, that’s comin outta your sallary Thrall…

  2. Gnomey!

    What is with this anger and violence. Embrace your inner Horde!

    We Horde are about love and peace and tree hugging.

    Oh and killing belfs. Sadly, we are waiting for Thrall to say, oops, my bad dog, you prissy boys, gtfo!

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