Art Plans

I have finally finished DotComLarry’s dranei Shaman for the contest over at 4theHorde. That was a blast, I’ll post the pic at 4theHorde tomorow after I stick the winning drawing in the mail(yay, I trust the postal service). Then I’ll be redoing my Mt. Hordemore photo I thought I had finished… I had, but I did it on the wrong paper, and this paper scans horribly into digital form, and looks trashy. Great origional piece, but crappy digital translation… Anyway, then, on to a special secret project… Don’t tell the short bearded stalker… Yeah, I see you over there, hiding behind that blogroll… yeah, you.

Anyway, I’ll get those all posted for you to see when I get them done, till then, stay classy, sassy and …um, glassy?


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