I’m Fat

I was forced to get a mandatory physical done today for my upcoming student teaching semester. Yay. I get to have a doc tell me I’m fat, have high blood pressure and need to wear my glasses. All things I know. Well folks, it’s time to change this.

A few months back I found an interesting website. It has to do with push ups. Yes, push ups. Interesting I know. You see, they have a program that will allow you to be able to do 100 consecutive push ups in six weeks. No matter where you are starting at. If you can only do 5 to start with, okay. They will get you there. we’ll see folks. I’m going to start this 6 week challenge this sunday. That gives me the rest of this week to figure out where I am at the beginning. Ya know, see how many this wuss of a guy can do consecutively. I’m going to say I can do 20 consecutively. That’s a fair guess.

Throughout the next six weeks I’ll be updating you with my progress and hopefully be getting a bit of encouragement from you folks. I think it’s time I started being a bit healthier than I have been. If this means some suffering and self-control, then so be it, it’s off to the races folks!

I’ll go from Flab:

To Fab!

(FYI, neither of these are me,lol, I’m to self-conscious to put my photo up there without a shirt! Duh!)


3 thoughts on “I’m Fat

  1. Yes, I’m not the only one doing this. I started week 2 yesterday. It seems to be working really well as I have made good progress everyday. I’m planning on doing the situps program after the pushups one. I like how its so no pressure but very organised

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