Heya guys. My fingers hurt. How the crap does a guy do ten push ups, and then every muscle in his body screams at him the next morning? Wow. I guess I was really out of shape. So yeah, I did my initial test for the push up program I’m starting next week… I did as many push ups as I could last night until they degraded into something other than a push up. The wife watched for me and kept me in check… I did ten. She was a slave driver. She didn’t even want to count number 10, so I had to redo it to show it had proper form! Drill sergeant smill-seargent…

So I went to bed feeling like a wuss, but also feeling pretty good that I was starting something to better myself physically. Then the morning came…

The alarm went off at 5:55, just like every other morning. I rolled over slowly to turn off the alarm, then started to get up… my stomach was soooo tight! I had to roll onto my side and push myself up with my arms…which burned worse than mcdonalds bacon. I drug myself across the hall into the bathroom and about died.

So needless to say this morning is off to a great start! Now, I’m actually starting the program sunday. I’m not wussing out, I swear! The program says to give yourself a few days to recover from the initial test…which said I can do 10 proper form push ups…I know I know, I’m a wuss…oi.

~Fat Uncle Sy

6 thoughts on “Oi

  1. I did 20 for my PT test a few weeks back, which is actually really bad for me. But I’ve been doing push-ups for queen and country for ten years, so ya… I might join ya on this program thing… Got a link to it?

  2. I’ve had a bad few weeks, I’ll start the week, but by the end I forget… go figure, I’m starting over week one on monday! I SUCK AT THIS!

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