Another Day Older

Yup, another day older, but today isn’t just any day. twenty nine years ago I burst into the world and I haven’t looked back! Yes folks, it’s my birthday. I’m not throwing it out there to get a ton of birthday wishes, in fact I hate that guy that spends his entire day telling everyone else it’s his birthday. He’s annoying. I’m posting this here to say a HUGE thanks to my wife, LadyGil. She is so awesome. I awoke this morning to the smell of French Toast and coffee! She doesn’t even drink coffee, and there it was brewed and smelling awesome for me. I got my present right at breakfast as well! A homemade card with cash in it, and an awesome shirt she ordered me from Blizzard.


I mean come on, this shirt rocks. Straight to the point, and it looks sharp too. Thanks hun, even if I have to work today you are doing a great job making this day awesome. You rock babe, thanks!


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