Real Life Craziness!

Yeah, it’s been a bit, I hear ya though. You want some Sylus, I guess I have to deliver. First, lets catch everyone up to speed. My daughter is three and a half months old(I’m not into dad-speak so I couldn’t tell you how many weeks). I’ve officially started my student teaching semester and am LOVING it. First graders are like trade chat in wow, but with less vulgarity and idiocy(almost like barrens chat, but a bit less sophisticated Chuck Norris jokes).

Now, I know 4theHorde has been pretty bare as well. Fikkle quit playing the wow, something about responsibility and such! Pie is running with another raiding guild on another server, which is great for him, I’m truly happy you are having fun with the game again there pie! Nim, well, Nim is Nim. He’s got his hand in many different projects, including a star wars table top game with yours truly. The Dude known as Slig, aka Gamedame, has been dominating fallout three(at least that’s what her rapotor/twitter account is always telling me!) So as you can see, not alot of 4theHorde worthy of posting atm… Well, I guess I did level tailoring up to get two more mounts throwing the Gozz total mount count to 85…. but I told you here, so I guess I’m off the hook for not posting it on 4theHorde!

As for me, I’ve had the pleasure of doing another recruit a friend with good ol’ Spiffie. See, Spiffie has been a real life friend of mine for years now. I got him hooked on the wow, and now he’s Jones’in for it as much as the rest of us. Thing is, He ended up leveling his hunter to 80 without any of my guidance. ( apparently he shuns the blog? I don’t know) Either way I felt that I wanted to do some real playing with him. So now we are about a week into our recruit a friend 90 days, and I have a 33 lock, he has a 32 warrior. I know I know, I’m ahead of him, I’m a jerk friend. whatever! We plan on getting these guys to 60, then starting over again. I’ll level a warrior, he’ll level a druid or something else, pally maybe. Our goal is to have 4 60 toons each out of this by the end of the 90 days. From there we’ll work on getting our favorites to 80. In the mean time I’ve been shuffling toons, deleting toons, and consolidating my wealth on Dawnbringer. I now have two guild banks, with a few pages each, and am working on leveling my priest during my little play time that Spiffie isn’t on as well. It’s all good, and he’ll be 80 sometime in the next ten years.

Well, I guess everyone that comes here kind of expects stupid pics and wierd stuffs, so let me leave you with a few random shots from the ol’ screenshot folder.

Call me Orc-Laddin!

Queen Lady Warrior at your service.

My lady warrior is gonna look sick at 80!

“Hey guy, want to go get a drink after your shift?”
“I’m not a dude… but sure.”

Catch you crazies around.


3 thoughts on “Real Life Craziness!

  1. AWWWWW, I’m sorry Rozzy! My next post will be about how my hunter, who’s been in game some lately,is named after you!!!! I love me some Rozzy, too bad life has been CRAZY right now!

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