If They Could See Me Now

It’s been right at five months. Five months that I could have been writing again. Alot has happened in that time. ALOT.  Seriously, five months is more than half my daughters life! Speaking of my daughter, she’s almost walking, says da-da ALL the time, and even if she loves her sleep, too bad it’s in two hour intervals. Over that five month period, I graduated from PSU with my elementary education degree, sweet, have been running the town pool, pretty sweet, and I accepted a contract to teach kindergarten and coach high school baseball at a school about 20 minutes from me. In a job market the way it is around here for teachers, I was ecstatic to get ANY teaching job, yet alone a teaching job that is one of my first choices for grade level, AND comes with a high school baseball coaching gig as well, STINKIN SWEET!!!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I played a little bit of world of warcraft in my day, correction, there for a few years I played ALOT of world of warcraft. I am even responsible for a few of my good friends STILL playing world of warcraft. That has changed over the past few months as well, specifically, over the course of this summer. I started the summer playing  when friends could play. Then, slowly, over about a month period I played less and less. I had even decided to take a break. I knew I would have little time to play anyway, with working at the pool all the time, swimming lessons, pool parties, spending time with the wife, kiddo, and a new job starting in the fall I needed to prepare for. During the first two weeks of that break I had a bit more free time then I thought I would end up with. I used that time to watch movies with the wife, to play in the yard with the kiddo, to read a book, basically be a normal husband and father, not a game addicted internet nerd. Now, let me take a minute and say I’m not bashing on the gaming internet nerds, seriously, that’s my roots. I love the internet, MMO’s, RPG’s, chat rooms, forums, blogs, and the like. I’ve just come to a point in my life where priorities have shifted and moved closer to the public “norm.”

I wish I could say my gaming habits have shifted due to some dramatic game altering conspiracy by Blizzard to take over the world, but in actuality I’m quitting because my family is my number one priority now. It’s hard to be a dad with a nine month old kiddo and being tied into a raid group about to take down sarth 3-D. It’s just not in the cards.

Now, to those people that have meant so much to me over the past five years plus in my MMO history, you guys are awesome. You were friends when I needed them, allies when the were called for, and even enemies when I needed some pvp. You were what held me in wow for so long. You were why I stuck around for so long. Shenanigans will continue openly in email, but my wow career, if not my MMO career, is coming to a close. I am looking forward to Star Wars The Old Republic, but we’ll see if I decide to sink my teeth into that gem of a game or not. Time will tell. Until then, call me a Family Guy.

~Sy the Family Guy




One thought on “If They Could See Me Now

  1. Man, I’m so behind on my RSS feeds! I’m only just now reading this. Congrats on your WoW graduation, dude! I feel the same way about the game. I probably won’t even come back for Cataclysm. I’ve been playing a little Wizard 101, which is very fun and MUCH less “hardcore” of a game. (Even your wife might like it! Unfortunately, though, hubby has no interest.) But as with any game, it must be prioritized and I kinda figured this would happen even back when I first heard about the incoming Hordelet. The game has given us lots of good memories, but like most things, it had its time and that time has passed.

    I better hear from you in Shenanigans, though!!!

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