The Beginning of theEnd

I’ve contemplated quiting World of Warcraft several times over my wow gaming career, almost six years…. wait, six years this month… This however is probably the time. My “nerdness” has always been Star Wars. My MMO carreer began in a galaxy far far away with Star Wars Galaxies. World of Warcraft has been amazing. I’ve put alot into my wow experience, and in return have taken away alot as well. Some of the friendships I know will last past world of warcraft. My internet persona “Sylus” came from one of my most loved world of warcraft characters. This will last past my wow days. My blogging began because of warcraft. I wrote for 4theHorde for a good three year stretch before we let it fizzle out. hat was one of my true regrets. We let it fizzle out rather than go out on top. Oh well, now I plan on taking world of Sylus to the next step and use it as my personal blog to talk about star wars, my life, my dreams, my desires… okay, maybe not THAT personal, but yeah, anything I want. Blogging is back for the Sy. Now to sit back, enjoy my few months vacation before Star Wars the Old Republic launches, and enjoy life.

Until then,
Uncle Sy

2 thoughts on “The Beginning of theEnd

  1. Good to have you back buddy. I’m thinking about dipping my toes back into the blogosphere meself. Maybe we can keep each other blog-accountable πŸ™‚

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