Curse You Old Conquest Posts about WoW…

For the love of all things holy I need to get out of my blogs and stop reading through past posts. First off, I’ve quit world of warCRACK several times over the past year. I’ve moved onto other games of the less massively multiplayer type. Minecraft for one. I’ve debated giving it another try, but then think, what’s the point, Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out in just a few months, and I WILL be playing that game for a long time. I LOVE Star Wars, and I LOVE MMO’s. I played Star Wars Galaxies for several years, so lets face it, even if SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) sucks…. I’ll play for at least a good year or ten. I’ve had the collectors edition preordered since it went up online at 5am or whatever ungodly hour it went on sale that morning in July. Then, I think to myself… It’s WORLD OF WARCRAFT. You’ve spent YEARS of your gaming career, PLAYING THIS GAME. You have made REAL LIFE FRIENDS in THIS game. Not just “gamer friends,” but REAL LIFE FLESH AND BLOOD friends. Seriously. People that I would drive hours to visit, and have. Friends that have driven FIFTEEN HUNDRED mines to visit their “gamer friends” in Kansas.


Friends that have gone out of their way from STL to come to nowheresville for the SOLE purpose of goofing off and giving up their labor day weekend to meet people that have only existed to them in an online community, most notably friendships started IN WoW. I have several friends that still play wow, still talk to me about the game, and every time they do, I get an itch in the back of my skull that tells me I NEED to come back in game for a little bit… Just one puff man, you won’t get hooked… I swear.


Okay, it’s pretty obvious I have no clue about drugs… seriously, do you even smoke crack? or is crack one of the “stick a needle in your arm crazy drugs?” I don’t know… wait, I’ve watched some Breaking Bad… is Meth a sort of crack? I know they stick that in their pipe and smoke it… anyway, I digress, back at the “Why I think I’m getting sucked back into WoW” post I started here a bit ago…

Yeah, so back to WoW. Looking back through all of my posts here at World of Sy, It got me interested in the things I use to write for 4theHorde. (Which may have a goodbye post in the works, that’s still being discussed by the others, I may be shot for disclosing that, so if I disappear for no reason again, THAT HAS TO be why…) I started looking through the arcives over there… not a good idea. All of that beautiful wow imagery, all of the nostalgia building, the longing for a time when all of my real life friends, and gamer friends heralded the call of war chief Thrall, or that Varian Wren guy… and here I am, sitting at a desk, writing a ridiculous post about how I’m getting sucked back in… like this guy.


Yeah, I know, a Star Wars guy referencing Star Trek. I’m a nerds nerd. Kirk didn’t know what he was talking about, but that aside, I’m a fan of the Trek as well. (CRAP, talk about getting derailed AGAIN, back to wow) I have no interest in end game, I am just longing for that leveling experience, I mean heck, I have ALL of the leveling gear, a few months until SWTOR, and an account paid up through November, what’s stopping me from playing the most popular MMO of ALL TIME. Well, besides two WONDERFUL kids during the daytime hours and an awesome wife who assumes I really do need SOME sleep at night… okay, so maybe I have many many reasons not to play in that two to three hour timeslot maybe once or twice a week… but still. I think I’m getting back into the wow mindset. I may have to pop in this evening after the kids are in bed. I AM off work tomorrow… maybe just one puff won’t hurt.

Famous last words,

2 thoughts on “Curse You Old Conquest Posts about WoW…

    • Yes rozzy, just one hit right? You won’t turn into a crackhead… Famous last words spoken from a 90 lb Meth addict, selling all of her worldly(of Warcraft) stuff for one more hit… Lol

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