So Much for Blogging?

I’ve made several attempts to jump back into this crazy “blogging” (I’m still not sure it will catch on). I guess, here I go again. I’ve had this site, World of Sylus for quite a while now, but I’ve done absolutely NOTHING with it. Well, lets try to fix that.

If any of you know me, and lets face it, if for some reason I’m still in your feed reader, you probably know me, either personally, or you are a fellow shenanigan-ite, then you know I’ve been a fickle blogger. I’ll go hot and heavy for a while (that’s what she said) then I’ll disappear for a few months. (Does March to October qualify as a few months?) Well, here I go. I’ll see how long this one lasts. I’ve got so much to share. I mean, seriously, alot has happened in the last… March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October… Yup, 8 months. I’ve had a son (Jack Andrew, he’s awesome), I’ve started running, got hurt, quit running, Sarah was REALLY pregnant for a while there, she started running which motivated ME to start running again. We had a gamer meetup, aka Shenanicon over labor day weekend, Fikkle and Kev drove down from Canadia-Land, Jaarka and Rose from STL, Pie from KC, and of course the locals, S4M, Timah, and Duke (Respective significant others were there as well). It was a blast, I’m really looking forward to next year at Shenanicon 2012 when Sliggy makes the RL appearance, Rozzy MIGHT be coming in from NY. It could be HUGE.

I’ve played and quit playing several video games, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars Galaxies (again), World of Warcraft (for the zillionth time), Oblivion, Fallout 3… this list could go on for a while, so I’ll just stop at those. I’ve started a very fun game that has stuck with me for a few months, thank you Sam for introducing me to Minecraft. It’s addictive, simple, and somehow VERY enjoyable. (More on my Minecraft habit in posts to come). Star Wars has released ANOTHER version of the beloved classics…. Some changes = good, others = teh suck. (Also more on this to come in future posts. Oh yeah, and on that whole having a baby thing, with a toddler at home thing, killed my actual game time. If I play video games, it’s for an hour or two maybe one night a week… maybe.

Now, if I’m going to cram in some blogging, it’s going to be done elsewhere… away from the house, so I have my house time for my kids and wife, and I can waste more of my… (how can I say this without getting in trouble from teh employers if they figure out who I be) …not at home time? Yes, not at home time. Anyway, If you are still interested in hearing about what’s up with Sylus aka #OldManSy, let me know. Trend it on twitter, say Hi, I’m also there, @Sylus. It’s crazy, my nickname earned a nickname (OldManSy). Anyway, I guess I have some stuff to do… something about kids coming back into the room when the bell rings in like… 4 minutes.

Until Next Time,
Uncle Sy

3 thoughts on “So Much for Blogging?

  1. hey there, funny thing. i had a rogue on lightning’s blade named Sylus wayyy back. fun times. he was well liked and bada$$… once upon a time before the expansion days. played slightly after but it was never the same thing. anyway GL and GG

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