Five Minute Rant

What are your biggest pet peeves? Are they big things? Little things? Off the wall, crazy little idiosyncrasies of others? Maybe something you are in the habit of doing? Mine falls into this last category. Don’t get me wrong, I have many pet peeves. I’m a little OCD at times, I Sam constantly moving(shaking my knees, fidgeting with anything I can get my hands on, you know the drill) but my biggest current pet peeve is something I find myself doing all of the time. I didn’t even know I was doing it until I heard a very interesting piece on All Things Considered on NPR. Yeah, I like NPR, it’s better than 95% of popular current music on the radio! and let’s face it! learning something new is pretty freakin awesome. Anyway, it was a piece about seven things that shouldn’t be talked about in conversations. Not just conversations at parties, but never talked about. Now, some were pretty straight forward like money, your travel routes, they are just boring. Some were funny, ie periods, no one wants to hear about that, I mean, ewe. Some I can’t even remember, hey it was Saturday after all. The one that stuck out in my mind, that I find myself guilty of all of the time, and it don’t mean, every once in a while I bring it up, I freakin talk about it ALL the time. Not even if I’m on a “diet” per se, but even when I’m eating whatever the heck I want too, which is most of the time.

Now, I just started a “lifestyle” change. No, I’m not coming out of the closet, I’m still firmly rooted there… Yeah, no. But I am trying to get back to eating healthier and exercising more. So internet, please keep me in check. That’s all folks.



Ultimate Nerdiness

Yes interweblings, the ultimate of Nerdiness, the level of Nerdiness almost looked down upon by even the comic book nerds, the Nerdiness that puts you so far out of “normal” circles, that you can never return. Yes, the P word. P. O. K. E. M. O. N.


As a male in my thirties, pokemon has a certain connotation to it. First, I’m not a thirteen year old boy. I’m not a Japanese school girl, dispite my choices in adult beverages, I’m not even a girl. Now, in 1998 when Red and Blue was released in North America I was a sixteen year old junior in high school with a love of video games, a somewhat disposable income thanks to an after school job at “the sonic,” and a gameboy that went almost everywhere with me. I would play Tetris at lunch, Mario on work breaks, and and ninja turtles while lying in bed. Pokemon Red was my first experience in the pokemon world. I remember surpassing 100 hours on that game, and still going strong. This wasn’t my last game to really ramp up the hours on, but it holds a special place in my mind. There was something about the simplicity of the gameplay, how, it was more about the numbers, while still not being “here’s a math book.” The game held my imagination in a way few handheld games could, at least for that amount of hours. When the other games in the series came out, I was busy doing real life things, or playing other games. Until last month, pokemon red was my only jaunt into poke-country.

Enter the Pikachu.

I don’t know what it is about that stinking, dirty, flea bitten, electrically charged rat, but Pikachu has always been my favorite. No, he doesn’t have the flare of Charizard, the finess of mewtwo, or the scary nature of Gengar, but he was freakin Pikachu! I mean come on, he was so popular he got his own game, has become the unofficial mascot of the entire series, and says his own name every time he farts lightning! What more could you ask for?!?

So, after seeing everything the internet was spewing the past few months about the then upcoming pokemon titles, X/Y, I was intrigued. I mean, it HAD been as many years from when I played red for the first time, as it was from when I was born up until that point. I was due for a little guilty poke-pleasure(how dirty does that sound?) anyway, who was I going to tell, I mean, it’s pokemon. All of my “professional” friends do adult things, and my gamer friends play REAL games, like minecraft, world of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic, you know, REAL games.

So, I picked up my copy of Y, yes, I chose Y. You want to know why? The giant freakin bird on the front looked like a Y, that’s why. Plus I’m not into giant sparkle dear like on the front of X. Go ahead Jaarka, trash on me for the dearpokemon hate. Anyway, I was really impressed with the nostalgia packed, much improved game. I was ten hours or so into the game when I broke the silence with my gamer buddies, and less that fifteen hours in when I changed my iPad background to a pokeball, added Pikachu and company to my lock screen, and started carrying my 3DS with me everywhere I go. I was hooked. Some of the new additions to the game feel so natural, they feel like they were always there, and yet, the game still hits all of the chords with me that the original game does.

At this point, I’m at 40 hours played, 200+ pokemon in my pokedex, and a well put together team for my single player champaign. Right now I’m focusing not on who compliments each other well, as it really isn’t needed for this part of the game, but rather on who looks like a total rock star while we are pounding their faces in. Also, mega evolutions. If they don’t have a mega evolution, I really don’t want them on my team. Which is why, dispite my better judgment, Pikachu/Raichu is not currently in my 6 man rotation. Charizard is leading the pack with his mega evolution fueled hatred of all things in his fire-filled-face’s path.

Now, despite what I stated earlier on, I have received no ill will from either my friends, or coworkers. My pokemon past is apparently like that of many of my friends. I have two good friends who now are playing, and further in than me! Will I pick up every version from here on out, probably not. Will I keep an eye on the series as it moves forward? Without a doubt.

Pokemon Out.


Scary Dad Stuff

First of all, hello. I know, I know, multiple posts on consecutive days… Yet alone consecutive MONTHS?!? Yes, I’m back. After having work hold me late the past two days (two thirteen hour days to be exact) I get today off! This is epic. I get some much needed daddy time in with the offspring. I love spending time with them, but I rarely get days off during the week (during the school year) so my daughter was surprised to see me this morning. The little guy still doesn’t know what’s up, he’s only a month old. So, I’m cooking bacon …mmm bacon… And I hear lily coughing… She’s eating grapes. Then she stops coughing… With a grape stuck. I FREAK out, rip her out of the seat, and can see said throat blockage in the VERY back of her mouth. Adrenaline starts pounding and I stick my pinkie in to go for it. Luckily one finger swipe and it’s out! I cut up the rest of the grapes and then have my own mini breakdown. I never want to experience THAT again.

The rest of the morning is filled with swinging in the yard, Ali ding down things, and fresh beat band on Nick Jr. while snacking on a banana. After we went to the post office to get some mail, we were walking around in the yard. Now, first you must understand I am DEATHLY afraid of snakes. DEATHLY afraid. So, we decide to go for a walk. We have several tree’s between our house and the road, and you have to walk through them for the shortest route. As we start through the tree’s I hear a hiss… I look down and to my HORROR, is a 12 foot monster boa constrictor/king cobra hybrid. Okay, so in reality it was a foot long common grass snake… But seriously, remember the deathly afraid part, I freaked! I snatched my daughter up, ran for the garage, found the BIGGEST snake decapitating device I could find. Ran steak gut back, took one swing, and just like my Canadian friend in a recent game of D&D let out a mighty roar as the blade swung down upon the small foe… And embedded it deeply in a root inches from it’s target… Embedded. The snake slithers(shivers at the thought) off and into the tree’s…. I can’t get the decapitating device out of the root. Now there is a FREAKING GIANT SNAKE LIVING IN OUR YARD.

What I went to the garage for:


What I actually got:


As you can see, I’ve had a scary “daddy” morning.

Scared to Death,


Curse You Old Conquest Posts about WoW…

For the love of all things holy I need to get out of my blogs and stop reading through past posts. First off, I’ve quit world of warCRACK several times over the past year. I’ve moved onto other games of the less massively multiplayer type. Minecraft for one. I’ve debated giving it another try, but then think, what’s the point, Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out in just a few months, and I WILL be playing that game for a long time. I LOVE Star Wars, and I LOVE MMO’s. I played Star Wars Galaxies for several years, so lets face it, even if SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) sucks…. I’ll play for at least a good year or ten. I’ve had the collectors edition preordered since it went up online at 5am or whatever ungodly hour it went on sale that morning in July. Then, I think to myself… It’s WORLD OF WARCRAFT. You’ve spent YEARS of your gaming career, PLAYING THIS GAME. You have made REAL LIFE FRIENDS in THIS game. Not just “gamer friends,” but REAL LIFE FLESH AND BLOOD friends. Seriously. People that I would drive hours to visit, and have. Friends that have driven FIFTEEN HUNDRED mines to visit their “gamer friends” in Kansas.


Friends that have gone out of their way from STL to come to nowheresville for the SOLE purpose of goofing off and giving up their labor day weekend to meet people that have only existed to them in an online community, most notably friendships started IN WoW. I have several friends that still play wow, still talk to me about the game, and every time they do, I get an itch in the back of my skull that tells me I NEED to come back in game for a little bit… Just one puff man, you won’t get hooked… I swear.


Okay, it’s pretty obvious I have no clue about drugs… seriously, do you even smoke crack? or is crack one of the “stick a needle in your arm crazy drugs?” I don’t know… wait, I’ve watched some Breaking Bad… is Meth a sort of crack? I know they stick that in their pipe and smoke it… anyway, I digress, back at the “Why I think I’m getting sucked back into WoW” post I started here a bit ago…

Yeah, so back to WoW. Looking back through all of my posts here at World of Sy, It got me interested in the things I use to write for 4theHorde. (Which may have a goodbye post in the works, that’s still being discussed by the others, I may be shot for disclosing that, so if I disappear for no reason again, THAT HAS TO be why…) I started looking through the arcives over there… not a good idea. All of that beautiful wow imagery, all of the nostalgia building, the longing for a time when all of my real life friends, and gamer friends heralded the call of war chief Thrall, or that Varian Wren guy… and here I am, sitting at a desk, writing a ridiculous post about how I’m getting sucked back in… like this guy.


Yeah, I know, a Star Wars guy referencing Star Trek. I’m a nerds nerd. Kirk didn’t know what he was talking about, but that aside, I’m a fan of the Trek as well. (CRAP, talk about getting derailed AGAIN, back to wow) I have no interest in end game, I am just longing for that leveling experience, I mean heck, I have ALL of the leveling gear, a few months until SWTOR, and an account paid up through November, what’s stopping me from playing the most popular MMO of ALL TIME. Well, besides two WONDERFUL kids during the daytime hours and an awesome wife who assumes I really do need SOME sleep at night… okay, so maybe I have many many reasons not to play in that two to three hour timeslot maybe once or twice a week… but still. I think I’m getting back into the wow mindset. I may have to pop in this evening after the kids are in bed. I AM off work tomorrow… maybe just one puff won’t hurt.

Famous last words,


I Want THIS Living Room

With the release of another change filled version of Star Wars, this time brought to us in beautiful 1080p High Definition Blue Ray, I bring you this living room. I want this living room. And all of the goodies inside those epic glass cases. Anyway, enjoy. FYI, mobile blogging on the ipad is all win.